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Dance Elite would like to welcome all new and current students to our fully equipped studios in Forster/Tuncurry.


  • RAD Ballet

  • Jazz / Hip Hop

  • Lyrical / Contemporary

  • Tiny Tots (3-4 yrs)

  • Private Tuition

  • Acrobatics

  • LGTDA Tap

  • Tiny Dancers Program (18 mths+)

  • Stretch & Conditioning

  • Performance


Class Overview

Below is a brief description of some of the classes on offer this year at Dance Elite Studios.


Rad Classical Ballet

Classical ballet helps to develop strength and fitness, flexibility, body awareness, co-ordination and is also the foundation of all other dance styles. The Royal Academy of Dance syllabus is a graded, carefully structured program of the highest standard. The RAD is the worlds largest classical examining/training body and the syllabus includes classical/free movement and character work.


Jazz / Hip Hop

This style of dance is often seen in music video clips, and contains elements of street dance and hip hop. If you are looking for fun and fitness this is definitely the class, suitable for all students from beginner to advanced. This style uses the moves and technical training of jazz, the grounded elements of hip hop, and the rhythms and movements of funk to make for a great fun work out.


Lyrical / Contemporary

This class challenges dancers to use motion to interpret music and express emotion. This style places heavy emphasis on the connection between the mind and body, this class is very expressive and allows students to discover body awareness.


Tiny Tots (3-4 yrs)

This is a combination class of jazz and ballet introduction. This class emphasizes learning gross and fine motor skills, following verbal direction and introduction to dance and fitness. Tiny tots learn movement games, simple and creative dances. This is a great way to introduce children to the world of dance learning through imagery and props. A lot of fun to be had in this class!!


Private Tuition

For students wanting to compete in eisteddfods, preparing for exams or simply wanting to improve their skills and ability this class is a one on one experience.



In this class dancers will learn how to properly develop acrobatic and gymnastic skills with an emphasis on strength and flexibility.



In our tap classes the L.G.T.D.A. syllabus is taught. The syllabus instills an excellent tapping technique and thorough knowledge of tapping combinations. The L.G.T.D.A. syllabus is very popular throughout Australia and is renowned for producing talents which is the most challenging & most exciting tap syllabus that Australia if not the world has to offer. This syllabus has produced musicals such as “Hot Shoe Shuffle” & “Tap Dogs” which are now highly acclaimed on Broadway & London’s West-End stages.


Tiny Dancer Program (18 months +)

Our mums or dads can be involved in all aspects of the class. This class includes : dancing, singing, skill development, free dancing, props and creative dance exploration. Props are a very integral element when teaching our little ones, as not only do they bring lovely smiles to the students and help make them feel comfortable, but they also play an important educational tool for developing an understanding of different movement qualities and dynamics in dance.



These classes provide an opportunity for talented and committed students to extend themselves and enjoy more performance experience. Students participate in Eisteddfods as well as special events and are representatives of Dance Elite. Students do need to qualify and audition for this class.


My daughter has been dancing with Dance Elite for 10 years. Tracey and her fellow teachers promote confidence, creativity, excellence and love for dance. Their dedication to the school and its students shows through time and time again, not only in the results that are achieved, but also in the camaraderie that exists amongst the dance elite community. It truly is a wonderful dance school.
— Rebecca Holbrook
I began dancing at the age of four with Miss Tracey before Dance Elite was even formed. Some of my earliest and fondest childhood memories are of myself practicing my ballet arms with her and absolutely loving to dance right from the beginning. I have Miss Tracey to thank for igniting this wonderful passion within me and I am so proud and grateful to have been part of Dance Elite for so many years. During my time there, having the opportunity to take classes in so many styles including ballet, contemporary, jazz as well as perform theatrical and musical theatre dances as part of a team and individually at Eisteddfods and end of year productions has given me such a wide range of performing genres to draw knowledge from and these are all skills which have carried me to where I am today. The sense of family is what I found the most special about Dance Elite and I believe it is so unique and an asset to the school to be such a positive, fun and encouraging place to learn and I have made lifelong friends because of this. Thanks to the experience and training I received at Dance Elite, I have now been able to go on and complete my Diploma in Elite Dance Performance and I am currently studying fulltime at Central School of Ballet in London where I will graduate with a Bachelor (Hons) degree and join their touring company ‘Ballet Central’. I am working to eventually dance professionally and continue to do what I love most. I believe it is so amazing that Forster has such a high quality dance school and I couldn’t think of a more wonderful place for anyone to enjoy dance and begin to develop their dance and performing skills than Dance Elite.
— Irena Cashman
I began dancing when I was about 14. Even though I started pretty late the teachers at Dance Elite were really encouraging to help me achieve my dream. I started out doing jazz but soon enough I was studying a range of dance styles with various specialist teachers. The environment is so welcoming and friendly, with beautiful facilities, fun and challenging classes and amazing teachers. I loved every minute spent in those studios. I received a solid grounding that prepared me well for my job working in Disneyland, Paris as a dancer and entertainer. I am now 18 years old, and because of the incredible training I’ve had with Dance Elite I now have a career doing what I love everyday.
— Petra Flower

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